Tsiolis Cranes Company was founded in 1982, by Vasileios V. Tsiolis, Msc in Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic School of Athens with AM. TEE 16511, in Gefyra, Thessaloniki.

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About us


A few words about us

Our company was established in 1982 in the broader industrial area of Thessaloniki in Greece to construct travelling and gantry cranes. Since then, we have constructed and set more than 600 cranes all over Greece and Balkans. Our secondary activity is the trade of used cranes and crane components with customers all over the world. In our warehouse we hold a great stock of used travelling and gantry cranes and crane components such as hoists, end-carriages etc. in a very good condition. Our activities are also extended in the sector of crane and hoist spare parts such as rope guides, brakes, gear motors etc. where we have gained our customers loyalty. The consistency in the thorough maintenance of used spare parts and the insistence in our costumers service are our fundamental objectives and have established our company in this field. Consistency in meeting schedules and insisting on the perfect execution of constructions are our primary goals. Feeling the pulse of the Greek market that demands reliable solutions at competitive prices, we developed a strong commercial initiative by importing used crane winches. The continuous control and maintenance of our stocks of used winches DEMAG, STAHL, SWF, ABUS etc. and spare parts for cranes ensures their flawless operation.

High Quality

The philosophy of our company is to provide high quality products at competitive prices. High quality is ensured both in the construction phase, and the phase of installation and operation. In particular, in the field of cranes high quality construction and operation is guaranteed by the European certification CE, certification required for all products traded within the EU. Our company has developed and implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008 by EQA HELLAS AE to scope the design, construction and repair of cranes, the design and construction of steel structures and spare parts sales.

Our projects




The crane, a structure with static and dynamic loads that strain both the steel structure and the electromechanical equipment...



Our know-how in the field of cranes enables us to meet the specific needs of every customer. Upgrading such as increasing the nominal lifting capacity...



Our company cooperates with the most prestigious institutions for certification of cranes and undertakes the inspection and the maintenance...


The Company

TSIOLIS CRANES company was founded in 1982 by Tsiolis V.Vasilios Msc in Electrical Engineering, Polytechnic School of Athens with A.M T.E.E. 16511 in Gefyra, Thessaloniki...


The construction of cranes is our main occupation. Up until now, we have constructed and set more than 600 travelling and gantry cranes all over Greece and the Balkans…

Cranes Equipment

In our premises you may find all crane equipment and parts, such as gearmotors, hooks, rope guides, sheaves, control pendants, upgrading cranes materials…

Hoists & Spare Parts

Constant supply with the latest models of the greatest European Manufacture Companies, such as DEMAG, STAHL, SWF, ABUS etc. as well as used spare parts in competitive prices…

Used Products

In our facilities we have more than 40 used cranes, with equipment from DEMAG, STAHL, SWF, ABUS, etc. We also have a huge variety of used hoists, used machinery and spare parts…